Rob Cochran, (LTCP) Long Term Care Professional– The long term care specialist advisors recommend for the needs of their clients as well as their own.

Rob has been helping clients protect their assets, independence and dignity with long term care insurance since 1995.

He has written two books on the subject Pills and Bills and The Truth About Long Term Care Insurance.

Here’s what Advisors and Clients have to say:


“I highly recommend Rob as a presenter. He is one of the only professionals outside of our law firm who has been asked to regularly present to the clients of our law firm. His background is commensurate with his abilities.”
Thom Rogers, Attorney – Sweetwater Law Offices

Robert L. Cochran, LTCP, CLU, ChFC, RHU

“Over the past two decades that we have enjoyed our professional relationship, I can, with great conviction, state that ours is one that I am proud to refer, recommend and endorse. The level of education you possess in the LTC product arena together with your ability to discuss detailed topics in a positive, clear and concise manner with our clients is most appreciated by them and us”.
Karl Willard, Certified Financial Planner
President – The First Financial Companies

“I rely heavily on Rob Cochran of Long Term Care Insurance Services, LLC to educate and provide long term care insurance to myself and my financial planning clients. He runs a very professional and highly ethical practice”.
Stephen S. Overstreet, MBA, Certified Financial Planner



“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on my long term care coverage. You are the consummate professional who worked diligently to resolve the issues which we raised. Again, I want to thank you for serving me so effectively.”
Frank M. Ryll Jr.
Past President – Florida Chamber of Commerce

“On behalf of my wife and me, we would like to thank you for a job well done. We have never experienced a less “painful” situation as it relates to the purchase of insurance. Your calm, pleasant and professional approach made us relax, and able to understand the product. Thanks for a job well done.”
Herbert P. Young, Jr. – CPA

“I wish to thank you for your patience and professionalism during the past nine months in which we discussed and ultimately purchased long term care insurance through you. It was a pleasure meeting you and we feel fortunate to have been able to do business with you regarding our long term care.”
Martin F. Stamp – Attorney

“Buying any form of insurance is typically a very arduous process, and you made it very painless. I thank you for that. I especially appreciate your perseverance with my procrastination.”
Alan S. Weinstein – CPA

“I found him to be most knowledgeable, honest and informative without any high pressure tactics. The experience of working with him was most positive and I would highly recommend him for long term care insurance planning.”
Audrey A. Simmons – CPA

“We found him to be a very conscientious, cooperative and knowledgeable person who was interested in being a helpful guide to us regarding the purchase of long term care insurance. His professionalism was outstanding. We recommend him highly."
Howard S. Reiss – Attorney

“To make a long story short, we received the most valuable and useful information from Rob Cochran, LTCP. Rob gave us both quality time and service.”
Joseph W. DuRocher – Attorney

"This letter is sent in appreciation of Robert Cochran and his staff for the excellent guidance and support in securing Long Term Care insurance coverage for my wife and myself. As a retired insurance agent, I was very impressed with the degree of professionalism and depth of knowledge Mr. Cochran possessed in regards to this important coverage. This type of insurance offers many options which can be confusing. Mr, Cochran went to great lengths to make absolutely sure we understood the benefits as well as the company providing the coverage. He then followed up by staying in close touch with us during the underwriting process. The reading material provided was very helpful as well. My wife and I look forward to a long relationship with Mr. Cochran and would recommend him highly to anyone seeking this type of insurance coverage."
Yours Truly, Byron C. Haynor of Minneola, Florida

"I am a long-time insurance lawyer, and I've worked with thousands of policies and numerous agents.  Rob is one of the very best I've seen.  There's no "sales pitch".  To the contrary, he's direct, extremely diligent and thorough.  Most importantly, Rob knows the particulars of coverages and exclusions, a highly technical area where the details are absolutely crucial (where the "devil" is, as the saying goes), and can easily explain them.  As an independent agent he searched for and found not one but two companies to meet the long term care insurance needs of my wife and I.  And, Rob went back and convinced underwriting at one of them (always a difficult task to convince underwriting anywhere of anything) to provide my wife and I much better coverage for very little additional money.  I recommend him without reservation."
Mitchell Frank, Esq. 

"I am an educator and have been teaching for over 40 years. I tried for years to get LTC insurance. The bulk of the LTC information, the bombardment of questions, and the huge packets of information sent to me by reps who wanted to finalize the deal over the phone always stopped me in my tracks. In frustration, I explained this to a friend who teaches at a college. She told me, “There is only one rep you want to talk to about LTC….call Rob Cochran.” Solely because of Rob Cochran, I now have LTC insurance!

I want to give Rob Cochran a very special and grateful thank you for making LTC insurance possible for me. He organized the vast LTC information. He then wrote a short and easy to read 50 page book. He designed a pleasant and brief power point presentation to teach me about LTC so I was educated enough to make the correct LTC decisions to provide for my care. He met and spoke with me. Best of all, he analyzed all the policy information from a multitude of companies and customized 3-4 plans to fit my financial needs, and long term health care goals.  From there he worked with me to modify and to specialize those individual plans into one plan that was custom fit for me. Because of all his efforts, I was able to make LTC decisions easily and quickly regarding my care.

Again, because of Rob I finally have the LTC insurance I need. My daughter and son-in-law are especially cheerful and grateful for his professional efforts too….we now have LTC money to provide for my care."
Victoria Edwards

"I was looking at our policies and decided to send you a note thanking you for all your help with getting us insurance. Ever since my husband fell off our dock he has had problems...The Dr.'s believe that he has Alzheimer's.  He is still doing pretty good...but I am so happy we got the insurance when we did. I remember you telling me some of those stories of things happening.  I never thought it would happen to us."
Sincerely, Peggy T.

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