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The next step is to look at specific long term care plans that meet your needs and desires based on what you have just learned. We believe that our website is a tremendous tool for research and education which allows you to build a necessary foundation of knowledge. However, that can only take you so far. From this point, if you are interested in addressing this issue we need to be able to interact with you personally. While it would benefit us more than anyone, if we were able to assist people without having to commit any time to them, it just isn’t possible. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they probably have their best interest in mind as opposed to yours! Just as there is a time to consult with a Doctor, Laywer, CPA, Computer specialist, or auto mechanic, the same is true about speaking with a long term care specialist. Some things in life are important enough that you want the expertise of a professional with their many years of experience working on your behalf. The good news is that it isn’t necessary to go through this with process with multiple agents (unless of course, this is something you enjoy) because we represent all of the leading companies. We are an Independent Broker, which means that we don’t work for any insurance company, we just represent them, which gives us access to their insurance products. It is our clients that we work for and who employ us even though we do not charge a fee for our services. If a client implements a recommendation that we have made then we are compensated in the form of a commission payment from whichever company that the client selected. Because we are independent we have no allegiance to one particular company over another. Please refer to the testimonials on our home page to see how people feel about the experience of working with us.

If you would like for us to assist you in researching specific plans that best meet your needs, it would be our privilege to do so. In order to best serve you, it is important that we have the ability to communicate with you by both email and phone. Many things can be communicated by email, however other more complex issues can be explained more clearly and effectively by a brief phone call. Therefore, please be sure to provide your current email address and the best phone number to reach you at.

If you are not quite ready to look at solutions yet, that’s ok. We hope that the information that we were able to provide to you via our website has been helpful to you. When you are ready to consider specific solutions for protecting your assets, independence and dignity, please complete and submit the following form and we will be happy to help you research the options that are available. 

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